Thursday, May 22, 2008

Glory Glory Man Utd!!

Yippeee..Manchester United have won the Champions League and the English Premier League..Well Done!!! But honestly, Manchester United were too lucky to win the Champions league..I can only say it wasn't Chelsea's day..

Doug..Red Devil Rockzz!!
Thars..Sorry la..haha...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Utilising Freedom Wisely

Dad is here again for the Hannover Fair. I went to Hannover with Mr. Harald to meet up with Dad last Sunday. The fair started on Monday and I was there to help out with the set-up of the exhibition booth. Before returning to Duisburg in the evening, we had a dinner together. Dad and Mr. Harald were talking about the children nowadays and the ones during their time.

During the older days, the kids had all the freedom given by their parents. If there was a waterfall, the kids wouldn't hesitate to get their feet soaked into the fast current-flowing water. Mr. Harald said his mother insisted him to put on a pair of shorts instead of a pair of trousers when he was a kid. "Rather you to get your knees cut than you cut your own shorts."

Indeed... Kids today seem to be too 'precious' for the parents. Mom can i go to the park? NO! Too dangerous! Mom can i go to a trip with my friends? NO! Way too dangerous! Mom can i go out with Yi Herng? NO! He is hell too naughty!(yes, he taught me a lot of naughty stuff =P).

In fact, freedom is closely related to trust. If our parents believe that we are not gonna get ourselves hurt, they would probably be willing to let us walk our way. In other words, freedom is given because we give them assurance. However, if we don't utilise the freedom given to us wisely, we would only suffer from restrictions. Somehow, i find that there are still some parents who overly worry about their kids although (i suppose..) they are actually capable enough to take care of themselves.

When I was in KL, i got all the freedom i wanted. I stayed out with my friends till late at night. Going to pubs for a drink, going for movies, going to Mamaks for a football match. I could play truancy if i wanted to. After all, i was far away from home. What could they possibly have done to me? A call to check on me doesn't help them out much.

Until one day i started to realise. I didn't get all the freedom i wanted. On the other hand, it was all given by Dad and Mom. They have always trusted in me, in their kids. That's why they gave us freedom. As parents, they could definitely imagine the worst influences we could have been succumbed to when we left home. But as such age, what can they possibly do to make sure that their kids are always on the right track in life? They can't. What they can do is to have a full faith in their kids for the freedom they have given to them. Perhaps it's a simply a gamble. From then onwards, we are the ones to decide our very own destiny, whether to strive or to be held back.

Mom and Dad, I can't promise you a successful son for now as I'm still craving a right goal in life. Anyway, I'm grateful for all the faith and trust you have given to me. In return, there's nothing more i can do but to utilise my freedom wisely...

Monday, April 7, 2008

When decisions have to be made in life..

Glad to hear that Yuan has finally decided to go for ADP in Nilai INTI..well done..most of my friends who did STPM have actually applied for their respective universities..Somehow there are still some who haven't made up their mind so far..time is running out man! In fact everyone of us has actually been through this stage..i did go through that as well..which course to go for..the future prospects of the course chosen..but i'm no longer entangled with these kinda problems..

Future engineers, architects, businessmen, graphic designers etc..we all have our very own goals in life..Consequently friends are separated from each other..gradually drifted apart..However, we are not willing to let this happen..Darren has gone to Australia..Yi Herng soon to US..Edmund and Orlandoy still indecisive..Others scattered around Malaysia..from Penang to even Sabah..So far we are still closely in touch with each other, although sometimes we are too busy with our work and might neglect the ones around us, far or near..

For those who have already started their university life long ago, haven't been talking to Zai Xi long ago..Where has he been? busy getting bugged by the girls in college? and Eric..sometimes i don't get to chat with you on MSN..but i do get a glimpse at your personal message..don't belittle yourself..stop saying yourself useless ok?

Nothing much to talk about myself..just started second semester..

Miss Home
Miss Family
Miss Friends
Miss Malaysian Food

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


The Earth (The Dummies' Paper)

Today's Top Stories:

  • Helicopters open fire above Kenyan town, 22 die in fresh clashes
  • Iraqi police find remains, heads of 19 executed men
  • Adrian Liew's cellphone stolen!!!!
  • Keegan praying for Owen to stun Gunners

I couldn't believe there are thieves in Germany who dared to enter one's(my) room to steal one's(my) cellphone!! *Sobss* it was my beloved cell.. i couldn't imagine what i would do if i met the guy who stole my cell..I'll probably throw a nokia 3310(given by zai xi) at his "precious"..i don't expect to get back my cell, but anyway i lodged a police report. They didn't seem to bother much as it's JUST a cell..indeed..what could they possibly do?! Aiikss..all my contacts..all my sentimental messages..all my photos..all gone!!! Hmmpphh!! not gonna get a new one at the i'm gonna let my old Samsung mobile to retake the front seat..

~one-minute silence in commemoration of my lost cellphone~ R.I.P

Monday, January 21, 2008


16-1-08: That day my Bulgarian friend Alexander invited me for a dinner at his place in Bochum. He said he wanted to make me a Bulgarian delicacy, called "Kiufteta"..It was quite a nice dish.. So i asked him for the recipe and i'm gonna promote it here..

Kiufteta (Bulgarian Meatballs)


  • 1/2 kg of Hackfleisch (minced meat)
  • 2 onions
  • 2 eggs
  • salt
  • green pepper powder
  • red pepper powder
  • a type of Bulgarian spice (which i have forgotten)
  • oil
  1. Place Hackfleisch, minced onions, eggs, salt and all 3 spices into a tray.
  2. Mix well with hand for approximately 15 minutes.
  3. Form into small round balls.
  4. Fry meatballs.
  5. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Two Weeks of Famine

The hostel kitchen cabinets have been dismantled this morning. In two weeks time, it will be under renovation..good news for all..but we will be unable to cook in the kitchen..stoves, oven, microwave..everything has been removed from the kitchen..i wondered what i am gonna cook throughout these two weeks...I had instant noodles for lunch..then for dinner, i was wondering..what else can i cook? i only have a rice cooker in my room..Yeah..i had one more carrot left..and some ended up cooking "carrot porridge with sausages"..a bit tasteless but it was ok..hmm..what am i gonna cook tomorrow?

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tension 2007, Expectant 2008

A new year has come...A chain of events, regardless of joyful and miserable, had happened throughout the year 2007. In the year 2007, tension was the only thing i saw. A' Level examinations and German Language test took place at the same time. If I didn't do well, i would have probably lost the chance getting into a German university. Somehow I am now here in Germany. In fact most of the memories before I came to Germany occupied my mind the most. Buddies, college life, Tar Villa, Goethe Institute, BRJ, The Curve, NLP and many more. I saw the gathering photo taken in Yi Herng's house. Haha..I wish I were inside..but as what accounting expert Zai Xi told me, this is opportunity cost. One can't have everything. Give up for something which priority offsets the other. And no regret..That day Orlandoy Yoon told me that the buddies set my name as the password of the game access for Counter-Strike when they were at cyber cafe. Haha..I was on cloud nine..I am still on your mind. Thanks buddies!

In the year 2007, I also ended my days in college. It is simply unbelievable. In just a short period of 18 months, I was blessed with some of the greatest friends in my life. But God was cruel that He separated us apart from each other. Genius Sean is having a great life in NTU, Singapore. Iherng is waiting for his news for scholarship to the US. Metta is missing in action. And most of the others have started their university life back in Malaysia. Wish them the best of luck!

In mid-June 2007, I broke up with my first love. 3 years of relationship had to come to an end. She meant a lot to me. Throughout the years, we cherished each other and we fought with each other. However i am glad to once be the one she loved most and i never regretted that she was the one i loved most. She had been giving me support and a good listener. Love is blind. During our time together, I did a lot of irrational things which are not too convenient to be mentioned here. Haha..Anyway, I learned that LOVE is a complicated thing which Albert Einstein couldn't even derive a perfect formula to it. Somehow I look forward to my next, but possibly not the last, girlfriend. Blessing to my Ex as well.

Looking into the year 2008, it is filled with anticipations and new hopes. I wondered, should I still think about my new year resolutions? Since I couldn't fulfill most of them in the past years. But then a phrase(or shall I say a piece of advice) given by a friend came to my mind. "It is not about whether you CAN do it or not, it is whether you WANT to do it or not". True, indeed. And so I thought of a few, which are the basic steps to lead me to other possible achievements.
  1. Learn to be more sociable
  2. Self-control - not to be prevailed upon temptations and distractions
  3. Mein Deutsch zu verbessern - Improve my German
Not too many of them, but to me, it's a lot of hard work to put in.

I wish my family & buddies a great year of 2008!

Darren, good luck in your university life in Australia!